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Wedding CAKES

Having a beautiful wedding cake is one of the most important decisions a couple will make for their wedding day. Whether you want to have a chocolate wedding cake or a buttercream wedding cake, know you are in good hands with these top wedding cake vendors. Nothing is better for your forest or woodland wedding celebration than having a slice of deliciousness right at your fingertips. If you are local to the Smoky Mountain area or planning a destination wedding, you will be sure to secure one of these artists to make your sweet dreams come true. Don't forget your cake topper!

The Wildflour Bakehouse

Smoky Mountain Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes will always be the most popular dessert on a wedding day. Why not make it show-stopping? From luxury mountain weddings to barn receptions, friends, family, brides, and grooms all go crazy for delicious treats. Whether you are looking for a wedding cake with gold, or maybe one with fresh flowers, be sure to hire professional wedding cake vendors.


Personalized Service

A wedding cake designer excels at one thing: making wedding cakes. Their sole goal is a custom cake design that is unique to you and your wedding day. Professional cake bakers are savvy, dedicated, and will provide personalized service that you can't get at a standard box store. Collaboration throughout the entire design process will make a cake that is truly your own.



Professional Smoky Mountain cake bakers are pure artists. Only a private wedding cake shop can dedicate countless hours to create a wedding cake that stands out from the crowd. Whether you're looking for an elegant tier wedding cake with cascading florals or a simple naked wedding cake with chocolate dripping, a talented cake designer can make it happen. Your guests will be so impressed!



Need one cake or two? Make sure to schedule your baker meeting once you have the guest list nailed down. This way, you won't overestimate and pay for the excess cake. By communicating and breaking down the slices, you can avoid the mistake of having your wedding go home without a sweet treat.



There is always time to appreciate wedding cakes. As the years come and go, and as dessert trends fade away, there is always one thing that remains - wedding cake! A wedding cake is a timeless tradition that satisfies not only a bride and groom, but also family, friends, and guests.


Limitless Potential

Everyone wants a tasty cake. That's the whole point! A quality cake creator isn't just skilled at making a cake look pretty - they are designed at making it delicious too! Do you want just a standard vanilla cake, or maybe a tiered wedding cake? How about a lemon almond cake with white chocolate icing? When you work with a custom cake company, the flavor combinations are limitless.



This is your wedding cake we are talking about! You will have no other cake like it. A bespoke cake maker can produce a completely original design representing you and your tastes. No two couples are the same, and therefore, no two cakes are the same. You can't beat the level of skill and customization that you'll receive from an artisan baker.


Theme Cohesion

Visually speaking, a wedding cake display often incorporated into reception decor. It can be the centerpiece and focal point of the entire room. It's no exaggeration to say that a wedding cake should be admired. You need it to meet a high standard. A professional cake baker will deliver a cake worthy of such a special occasion.


Wedding Cake Ideas

Our favorite type of wedding cake is the kind that makes a statement! And your imagination can go wild with ideas for a white wedding cake. Adorn a cake with fresh fruit, decorate it with intricate sugar works, edible flowers, or a unique flavor choice.

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