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Uniquely Vintage Mountain Wedding in Elkmont with Blue and Pink Color Palette

Uniquely Vintage Mountain Wedding in Elkmont with Blue and Pink Color Palette

If you’ve dreamed of a picturesque, vintage-style wedding in the mountains surrounded by a stunning blue and pink color palette, you’ve come to the right place! Elsa and Anthony chose a unique way of creating extraordinary wedding memories. From exchanging vows over the roar of the Little River to dancing the night away at The Appalachian Clubhouse, this wedding was meticulously curated in vintage details. This vintage mountain wedding will evoke a sense of nostalgia and timeless elegance. With a dreamy color palette of soft pinks and delicate blues, this charming celebration promises to transport you to a bygone era. Join us on this romantic journey as we unveil the enchanting allure of a vintage wedding. Located in Historic Elkmont, this wedding is where natural beauty and classic sophistication intertwine.

Historic Elkmont

There is nothing better than the great outdoors. Equipped with small-town appeal, Historic Elkmont is a fascinating area within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It is known for its rich history, unique architecture, and scenic beauty.

Elkmont was originally established as a logging community in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The area was prized for its abundant timber resources. In the early 1900s, entrepreneurs turned Elkmont into a resort community. This attracted vacationers seeking refuge from the summer heat in the nearby cities.

As the logging industry declined, there was growing interest in preserving the region’s natural beauty. In the 1920s and 1930s, efforts were made to establish a national park in the Great Smoky Mountains. Eventually, in 1934, the park was officially dedicated, leading to the acquisition of lands, including Elkmont.

Today, Historic Elkmont is a popular destination within the national park for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. The Little River Trail follows the path of the old logging railroad. It is a well-known hiking route in the area. Further, The National Park Service preserved Spence Cabin and the Appalachian Clubhouse. These two locations are now used for epic mountain weddings in the Smokies.

Spence Cabin

One of the cottages maintained and restored by The National Park Service is Spence Cabin. It is a picturesque cabin situated along the banks of the Little River, offering a beautiful and serene setting for various events, including weddings. The cabin can accommodate small to medium-sized wedding parties. The indoor space is limited, but ample outdoor space exists for ceremonies and receptions.

The cabin’s location provides a stunning natural backdrop with views of the river and the surrounding forested mountains. The area is particularly picturesque during the spring and fall seasons, with vibrant colors. Spence Cabin exudes a rustic and historical charm. This charm suits couples seeking a vintage or nature-inspired wedding theme.

Since Spence Cabin is situated within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, reservations and permits are required for events. Due to its popularity, it’s advisable to book well in advance. If you want to host a wedding or event at Spence Cabin, contact the National Park Service. The area has rental fees, permits, and specific guidelines for events. Remember that rules and regulations for events in national parks may vary. So, planning and ensuring you adhere to all requirements for a successful and memorable celebration is essential.

Appalachian Clubhouse

Established in 1910, The Appalachian Clubhouse is a historic structure in Elkmont’s Daisy Town. Used as a gathering spot, club members would weekends or summers at the retreat. 

The Appalachian Clubhouse’s rustic charm is encapsulated in a one-story building. Within its 3,000 square-foot walls is an open meeting hall. The hall has exposed wooden beams and massive stone fireplaces at each end. French doors along the entire east side open onto a roofed porch overlooking the forest and a small creek.

The natural beauty, intimate setting, and quant charm of the Appalachian Clubhouse make it a prime wedding destination location. The serene and scenic backdrop creates a magical atmosphere for a wedding, making it an ideal setting for intimate weddings for the whole family and close-knit friends. The rustic aesthetics of the clubhouse, with its exposed wooden beams, stone fireplaces, and vintage decor, exude a sense of warmth and charm.

Blue and Pink Color Palette

A blue and pink color palette can work wonderfully for vintage weddings. The palette adds a touch of nostalgia and romance to the bride and overall atmosphere. This color combination creates a charming and elegant ambiance when combined with vintage-inspired decor and elements.

Vintage Decorations

Vintage wedding decorations hold a timeless charm that continues to be a well-versed wedding theme. The nostalgic allure of vintage elements, such as delicate lace, antique-inspired decor, and soft pastel colors, evokes a sense of romance and elegance that transcends trends. Vintage themes allow couples to infuse their wedding with a touch of history and personal sentiment. Whether incorporating family heirlooms or scouring flea markets for unique finds, vintage decorations offer endless possibilities. This creative expression ensures each wedding is uniquely tailored to a couple’s tastes and personalities.

Vintage Ideas for a Wedding

If you are looking for vintage decor for your DIY projects or professionally-decorated wedding, consider these amazing details for your big day!

  • Rustic Signage: Use wooden signs with vintage fonts to direct guests or display sentimental quotes throughout the wedding venue.
  • Antique Lanterns: Place antique lanterns along the pathways and around the reception area to create a warm and romantic ambiance.
  • Vintage Furniture: Rent or use vintage furniture pieces. Items like wooden tables, mismatched chairs, or old-fashioned couches for seating areas to add a touch of nostalgia.
  • Vintage China and Tableware: Consider using vintage plates, teacups, and silverware to elevate the table settings with a classic touch.
  • Lace and Doilies: Incorporate lace and doilies into your table runners or chair backs. You can even use part of the wedding invitations to infuse a vintage charm.
  • Antique Books: Stack antique books on various surfaces. These books are great for guest book tables or centerpiece displays to add a literary and timeless element.
  • Old Suitcases and Trunks: Use vintage suitcases or trunks as props for decor or as cardholders at the gift table.
  • Edison Bulb Lighting: Illuminate your reception area with soft, warm lighting using Edison bulbs, which have a vintage aesthetic.
  • Antique Frames and Mirrors: Use antique frames and mirrors as part of your decor. You can use these either as decorations on their own or to showcase photos or table numbers.
  • Vintage-inspired Wedding Favors: Give your guests vintage-inspired wedding favors! Small jars of homemade jam, vintage key bottle openers, or personalized vintage-style coasters are great options.

Professional Mountain Wedding Vendors

Did you like what you saw at this vintage mountain wedding? Did you know that many of our professional wedding vendors had a hand in constructing this beautiful day? Lindsey Mae Events & Designs curated this beautiful day with the help of rentals from Sisters Vintage Rentals. Mountain wedding photographer, Ashley Leffew Photography, captured all the details perfectly — from the bride and groom’s smiles to the hand-picked vintage decor.

If you are planning a wedding in The Great Smoky Mountains, please consider hiring one of our professional vendors. You can contact them individually or fill out our contact form! We look forward to helping you plan the perfect vintage mountain wedding.

Uniquely Vintage Mountain Wedding in Elkmont with Blue and Pink Color Palette
vintage wedding details in pink and blue color palette with white shoes and bow
first look with bride and groom outside on mountain side
bride and groom photos on mountainside in the Smokies
black and white photos of bride and groom reading vows in the woods
groom walking down at Spence Cabin wedding in Elkmont
bride walks down stairs at vintage mountain wedding in Elkmont in the Smokies
groom watches bride walk down ceremony aisle at wedding at Spence Cabin
bride and groom pray with family and friends at intimate ceremony
bride and groom exchange rings and kiss at vintage mountain wedding in Elkmont
wedding couple photos at Little River in Elkmont in the Smokies
groom and bride photos with vintage wedding bouquet in pink and blue color palette
bride and groom portraits near river
pink tie and boutonnière for groom at wedding
groom and bride kiss under veil at vintage mountain wedding
bride and groom portraits in Elkmont with veil
wedding couple kisses in front of Spence Cabin in Elkmont
bride and groom couple photos in woods near pink and green cabin
Vintage wedding at Appalachian Clubhouse in Elkmont Smokies
vintage furniture decorations on screened-in porch
pink and blue vintage wedding decorations on reception tables
vintage decorations and hanging lights at Appalachian Clubhouse in the Smokies
pink and blue reception decorations at vintage mountain wedding
vintage china on table with baby blue napkin
blue and pink color palette at vintage wedding Appalachian Clubhouse
bride and groom hold slice of wedding cake and kiss
bride and groom dance at wedding reception and recline on vintage furniture
bride and groom sit on vintage furniture at wedding
bride dances with wedding guest in blue dress at reception

Photography: Ashley Leffew Photography | Planning, Decor & Florals: Lindsey Mae Events & Designs | Vintage Rentals: Sisters Vintage Rentals | Glassware: Rothchild | Makeup: Glasshouse Studios | Hair: Hair by Desilee | Ceremony: Spence Cabin | Reception: Appalachian Clubhouse | Catering: Calhouns 

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