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The Importance of Wedding Ceremony Decorations

Lush Wedding Arbor at Spence Cabin
Wedding Ceremony at Spence Cabin by JoPhoto

The Importance of a Wedding Ceremony Decorations

Wedding venues and decorations are unforgettable. Whether your wedding was in a cathedral church or under the stars, those moments will be burned into your mind and preserved in your album for the rest of your life. In fact, weddings tend to be unforgettable events for the couple and all their guests. The way a wedding is decorated has a profound impact on the look and feel of those memories. This is why wedding decoration is such an important part of planning a wedding event. The colors you choose and the style you create sets the scene for these landmark memories.

Smoky Mountain couples often throw weddings with a lot of personalities. The unique blend of breathtaking beauty and elegant venues found in the mountains becomes an opportunity to craft personal and beautifully designed wedding memories.

Your Wedding Colors Define the Event

Always start with your wedding colors. Weddings stand out in the mind partly because each couple has their own unique wedding colors and style. Use your wedding colors to define the emotional and stylistic impression that your wedding makes on guests. Use long twining lengths off the fabric to transform plain venues into your unique wedding dimension. Will you transport your guests into an aquatic dream of blues and greens? How about two bold colors that clash in beautiful arrangements? Will your wedding colors transform the venue or redefine the space?

Wedding colors can be used to make a wedding venue feel like someplace unique and become the palette of wedding memories. Use every trick at your disposal from fabric to floral arrangements to colored lights and touches of color to make the entire wedding feel uniquely personalized to the couple.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park Wedding
Smoky Mountain Elopement by JoPhoto

The Decor that Sets the Scene

The style of any wedding is set by the style of the couple. Your wedding might be gilded and elegant, or handmade and homey. You may be looking to create the coziness of antique furniture or the personality of mismatched plates. Centerpieces on tables and themed light fixtures make a big impression on the style and theme of your wedding. The furniture you rent can also play a significant part, setting the scene for both the formal and informal phases of your memorable wedding experience.

Wedding Ceremony Signs
Wedding Sign at The Magnolia Venue by JoPhoto

The Signs that Inform and Delight Your Guests

Wedding signage is a vital yet rarely mentioned aspect of wedding decor. However, signs are almost always a final detail in how guests interact with the wedding venue. A greeting sign announcing the wedding lets guests know they have come to the right place of celebration. Signs on tables let guests know where to sit and what to expect.  A handmade guestbook invites guests to become part of the memory by leaving their names and notes of love. 

Signs are also often used to direct guests to various events, games, and separated areas of the wedding. A hand-lettered sign may mark the bridesmaids dressing area or the children’s napping area while other signs direct guests to fun reception games or inform them of how to make use of the fondue bar.

Wedding Ceremony Decorations
Photography by Juicebeats Photography at Roosevelt Lodge

The Arbor You Marry Under

From ancient tradition to modern romance, getting married under an arbor is something many couples dream of. The design and personality of your arbor will shape those timeless images of your wedding ceremony. A custom arbor allows you to show your real style and create a uniquely beautiful design over your nuptials that you will never for forget – and neither will your guests.

We have a local Smoky Mountain arbor artist who can craft a unique wedding arbor to beautifully frame your vows and photos.

Wedding Ceremony Decorations Bouquet
Megan Connors Floral photographed by Erin Morrison Photography

The Flowers in Your Bouquet

The flowers in your wedding should be breathtaking and reflect your inner joy. Flowers can mirror the wedding colors, including the bride’s favorite blossoms, and even be composed in symbolically meaningful ways. The bouquets of the bride and bridesmaids should pop with vibrant beauty while the arrangements in each centerpiece should inspire joy in your guests. Archways of flowers and arrangements that create a backdrop of beauty can add even more to the wedding experience and timeless photos.

In the Smoky Mountains, we know dedicated local florists who specialize in the unique styles of couples who plan a mountain wedding. Each offers a full floral service with their own special skills and artistic eye for arrangements. Whether you want a color pop of shapely 3-dimensional bouquets or a florist that specializes in elegant-tough mountain beauty, you’re sure to find the perfect floral decor.

Draped Wedding Arbor
Photography by Juicebeats Photography at RT Lodge

The Hanging and Draping Decor

One of the most wonderful ways to decorate your wedding is from the top down. Consider all the beautiful hanging lights and draping curtains that make up the Pinterest pages on wedding decoration. It’s not just about surrounding your guests with beauty. Vertical and overhead decor help to define the space and send your guests into a personalized dimension of wedding celebrations. From the top of their view downward is an event of your creation. And out on the balcony stretch the Smoky Mountains creating the most stunning backdrop to your wedding that nature can provide.

Wedding Ceremony at Night
Photography by JoPhoto at The Magnolia Venue

The Lights as the Sun Sets

Finally, don’t forget the lighting. Lighting decor for a Smoky Mountain wedding can be the most impactful of the whole evening. Sunset is an incredible and rapidly dark experience in the mountains, so sunset becomes a profound and visual event for those celebrating below. For indoor-outdoor weddings or even venues with large windows, the setting sun is accompanied by the rise of evening lights.

Fairy lights in the trees, hanging lanterns, or sparkling chandeliers glow to life as the sky darkens. The memory of this transition on this special day crystallized. When the sun sets on a mountain wedding and the lights go up, that moment introduces an element of magic that is captured in the wedding photos. The way you decorate with lights defines this sunset experience and the evening of celebration that extends into the night under glowing mountain stars.

The Importance of Wedding Ceremony Decorations

Each wedding is a singular moment celebrating the love and devotion between two people. Each wedding is unique, a joyful gathering of the couple and all their closest friends and family. Your decoration should reflect as much personality and beauty as your marriage and wedding party. Transform the venue into a place that is truly yours and give your guests a magical environment for a day they’ll never forget.

Wedding decorations turn your wedding ceremony into an event that represents the union of two complete people becoming one. For couples marrying in the majestic beauty of the Smoky Mountains, reach out for local expertise and wedding planning resources. You can easily find dedicated Smoky Mountain wedding vendors who understand mountain weddings and can make the celebration truly yours through decoration and services.

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