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Rainy Day Wedding at The Magnolia Venue

Rainy Day Wedding at The Magnolia Venue Photographed by Magnolia + Ember

Rainy Day Wedding at The Magnolia Venue

The Great Smoky Mountain National Park is considered a temperate rainforest. Rainfall averages 55 inches per year in the lowlands of the Smokies. The shroud of “smoke” envelopes the Smokies isn’t smoke. It’s a mist of light rain. Therefore, when you come to the Smokies, be prepared for rain on your wedding day, no matter the month.

The Seasons

There is no wrong time to get married in the Smokies. Every season brings its natural beauty and wonderment. Prior planning will help ensure an enjoyable wedding day in any season.

March through May: April showers bring May flowers. It’s no different for the Smokies! Spring brings with it rainy weather. In March, snow can fall at any time during the month. May is warmer, with daytime highs in the 70s and 80s.

June through August: Summer in the Smokies means it’s hot! Heat, haze, and humidity are all things to expect. Afternoon showers and thunderstorms are familiar with evening lows and are comfortable with temps in the 60s and 70s.

September through mid-November: Clear skies and colder weather signal the fantastic fall color season’s onset, with peak color in late October and early November. These months are the driest period of the year, with only occasional rain showers.

Mid-November through February: Winter in the Smokies is generally moderate, but extreme weather does. Road closures are possible inside the boundaries of the National Park during this time. Snow falls more frequently in the higher mountains, and up to two feet can fall during a storm.

Rainy Day Tips

Wedding couples do not wish for rain on their wedding day. It’s the last thing that they want to see. But, a few raindrops don’t mean that all is lost. 

Embrace the Weather

There is absolutely nothing a bride or groom can do to change the weather. But a little rain doesn’t have to ruin your day. Staying in the moment and rolling with the weather will create fond wedding memories. 

Have a Backup Plan

-Change the Wedding Ceremony Start Time. You may be able to move up or back the ceremony start time. 

-Change the Wedding Ceremony Location. Most wedding venues have an indoor ceremony option or a covered patio option. 

-Rearrange the Photography Timeline. Get together with your photographer and adjust the timeline. All photographers have worked around rain plans, so this will be nothing new to them.  

-Purchase Blankets, Rain Boots, and Umbrellas. Make yourself and your guests comfortable with a few simple items. Most couples can even double these items as a wedding favor. 

Trust Your Professional Vendors

Dwelling on the hiccups is a death wish for a wedding. If you face last-minute weather challenges, your wedding vendors will be your lifeline. You must find the right people for your day to navigate Plan A for your wedding effectively. And more importantly, Plan B. 

Smoky Mountain Wedding Venue

Just outside the boundaries of the Smokies is The Magnolia Venue. This mountainside venue is the perfect place for a wedding if you want 180-degree views of the mountains. The Magnolia hosts weddings throughout the entire year. And as we said about the mountains, there is no wrong time to get married at this wedding venue. 

We wanted to share this beautiful rainy wedding by Magnolia + Ember to showcase that weddings on rainy days can still be fun, romantic, and gorgeous!

Professional Wedding Vendors

Venue: The Magnolia Venue | Photographer: Magnolia + Ember | Florals: Echelon Florist 

wedding rings and wedding shoe detail photos
bride getting ready with hairspray on wedding day
groom and bride standing on cabin porch with large bouquet
fun groom and groomsmen photos
bride and bridesmaids laughing at The Magnolia Venue
circle arch at wedding ceremony on balcony overlooking Smoky Mountains
bride walking down aisle at rainy wedding at The Magnolia Venue
groom in suit and tie with boutonniere watching bride
Rainy Day Wedding at The Magnolia Venue Photographed by Magnolia + Ember
The Magnolia Venue in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
bridesmaids laughing during wedding ceremony
groomsmen standing at wedding ceremony
groom and bride hold hands at wedding ceremony
bride puts on wedding ring for groom at ceremony
bride puts on groom wedding ring at rainy day wedding ceremony
rainy wedding day photos at The Magnolia
rainy day couple photos by Magnolia + Ember
bride and groom rainy day wedding photos at The Magnolia
bride and father dance on patio at The Magnolia Venue
groom and mother dance on patio at The Magnolia Venue

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