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Impeccable Black-Tie Wedding at Creekside Wedding Venue in Maryville

Creekside Wedding Venue in Maryville for black-tie events

Every couple dreams of having a stunningly beautiful wedding and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Smithview Pavilion in Maryville, Tennessee, made that dream come true for Peyton and Bill for their impeccable black-tie wedding. With exquisite locations, stunning photography, and upscale service, this creekside wedding venue created a truly magical wedding day.

Creekside Wedding Venue

Situated in Maryville, Tennessee, is Smithview Pavilion. This stately brick pavilion is situated on four acres of property. Conveniently located in the city, this stunning venue feels like an oasis — surrounded by lush foliage and views of a nearby creek, providing a sophisticated and memorable backdrop. Also, with its arched brick colonnade, rustic pitched ceiling, and expansive polished concrete floors, Smithview Pavilion offers a lovely site for any wedding ceremony and reception — black-tie or otherwise!

Effortlessly Gorgeous Babybreath and White Rose Arbor

What says “black-tie” more than a luxury wedding arbor? Imagine walking down the aisle, surrounded by delicate baby breath and elegant white roses. When used on its own en masse—like in wedding-ceremony decorations— baby’s breath can take on a wonderful cloud-like quality and has a soft, romantic, ethereal feel. The result can be quite dazzling, with an enchanting and romantic quality.

The Couple’s Style

The bride and groom’s style left an unforgettable impression on guests. Peyton’s floor-length gown and long beaded veil perfectly paired with the groom’s strikingly elegant white jacket adorned with eye-catching black lining. These two embraced the fashion-forward sophistication that was unique to their personalities.

What Is a Black Tie Wedding?

As the name suggests, black is the quintessential color for a black-tie event. A black tie wedding is a formal wedding that typically requires guests to adhere to a specific dress code. “Black tie” refers to a formal evening dress code for men, while women have more flexibility.

Black-Tie Wedding Attire for Men

For men, a black tie wedding typically requires a tuxedo, which consists of a black dinner jacket, matching trousers with a satin stripe, a formal white shirt, a black bow tie, black formal shoes, and often a waistcoat or cummerbund.

Black Tie Attire for Women

Women have more options, from elegant floor-length dresses to sophisticated cocktail dresses. However, it’s customary for women to avoid wearing white, as that color is typically reserved for the bride.

But many color choices can work well for guests and wedding parties. Neutral colors, such as navy, gray, charcoal, and ivory, are excellent choices and convey sophistication and elegance without overpowering the formal atmosphere. Rich, deep jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, ruby red, and amethyst purple can add a touch of formality. Finally, incorporating metallic colors, such as gold, silver, or bronze, into attire or accessories can add a glamorous touch.

Smoky Mountain Wedding Vendor

Smithview Pavilion in Maryville is the perfect place for your dream black-tie wedding. With its breathtaking elegance and understated style, this unique location offers everything you and your guests need to make your special day luxurious. From the expert staff, exceptional service, and amenities, this Smoky Mountain venue will surely give you and your guests a memorable experience. You can rest assured that your big day will be immaculately planned and one of a kind.

white wedding dress and white formal wear shoes
gold wedding rings on white dress fabric
bride getting reading while wearing beaded floor-length veil
groom in formal wear white tuxedo with black trim
bride wearing floor-length gown and groom in white and black tux
groom standing in white tux at Creekside Venue with bride in floor-length wedding dress and bouquet
first look with groom and bride in formal dresswear
groom and bride first look at Smithview Pavilion in Maryville
bride and groom kiss while white veil flows in front
man in white and black jacket and classy shoes stands next to woman in white formal wedding attire
man and woman kiss and walk away while walking along creekside
man and woman kiss while wedding veil flows on side
bride and groom kiss in formal wedding attire at Creekside Wedding Venue in Maryville
man in white jacket and black trim holds white floral bouquet
Baby Breath arbor with white roses
bride walks down aisle with father at wedding day in Maryville, TN
groom in formal wedding attire cries as bride walks down aisle
woman in white long wedding dress walks down aisle with two men in black suits
Creekside Wedding Venue in Maryville for black-tie events
wedding ceremony in front of white floral arbor at Smithview Pavilion
first kiss at wedding ceremony in front of Baby Breath Wedding Arbor
bride and groom walk down aisle holding hands
bridal party in formal wedding attire including black dresses and black suits and bow ties
bridal party photos with bridesmaids and groomsmen in black dresses and black suits with bow ties
man in white suit holds bride with long wedding dress and beaded wedding veil
golden hour sunset photos at Smithview Pavilion in Maryville
black-tie wedding decorations at reception in Pavilion
black-tie wedding reception decorations including black tablecloth and white plates and napkins
man and woman kiss in front of large light-up letters
wedding exit with large sparklers
black and white photo of getaway car at black-tie wedding

Venue: Smithview Pavilion | Photographer: Brittany Conner | Florist: Strange Blooms | Dress: Loveliest Bridal | Hair: Sarah Hicks Maddox Salon | Hair: Makeup: Christina Landers | DJ: Precision Event Services | Catering: Take Out Thyme | Rental Company: Anderson Rental Inc.

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