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Mountaintop Wedding at Peak Autumn Colors in Tennessee

The autumn colors in Tennessee are a spectacular display of vibrant hues and breathtaking landscapes. Known for its picturesque beauty, Tennessee offers a stunning array of fall foliage that attracts visitors worldwide. It’s no wonder why Stephanie and Josh decided where their late October wedding should occur. It was in the mountains of Tennessee, and...

Impeccable Black-Tie Wedding at Creekside Wedding Venue in Maryville

Every couple dreams of having a stunningly beautiful wedding and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Smithview Pavilion in Maryville, Tennessee, made that dream come true for Peyton and Bill for their impeccable black-tie wedding. With exquisite locations, stunning photography, and upscale service, this creekside wedding venue created a truly magical wedding day. Creekside...

Want to Get Married in the Smokies? Here is What to Do First

Want to Get Married in the Smokies? Here is What to Do First The Smoky Mountain National Park is THE intimate National Park. Full of deep, wooded locations, flowing rivers, and endless trails. It is majestic, with one-of-a-kind breathtaking views. Therefore, there is no doubt why people want to get married in the Smokies. But,...

What You Need to Know Before Signing a Wedding Vendor Contract

What You Need to Know Before Signing a Wedding Vendor Contract As you start planning your wedding, chances are you’re researching and reaching out to many vendors to help get your wedding just right. As you begin to select your photographer, videographer, decorator, venue, or caterer, you’ll soon encounter a dreaded word: contracts. We are here...

How Has COVID Changed Weddings Cakes? Will New Choices Remain Popular?

How Has COVID Changed Wedding Cakes? Will New Choices Remain Popular? Wedding cakes with multiple tiers are a lovely tradition of which many brides have dreamed since childhood. The design and display of the cake are important means of personalizing the event. Tradition is something we are all craving following a year of necessary restrictions...

Plan a Cozy, Rustic Wedding at Spence Cabin

Plan a Cozy, Rustic Wedding at Spence Cabin Have you ever envisioned a romantic wedding with a group of close friends attending, set in a cozy cabin? Perhaps you would love to marry within a cottage nestled in the wild and idyllic landscape of the Smoky Mountains? Did you think such a wedding was only...

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Wildwood Media was born out of a desire to create content and capture moments for those who are inspired by love and creativity. “Wildwood” is an uncultivated forest that has been allowed to grow naturally. Like wildwood, our untampered style delivers the purest form of your story. We value our client's stories above all else. Wildwood Media Photography truly strives to create individualized films and photos that perfectly commemorate the details of your event. It is our desire that our films and photos will bring you back to the abounding joy of your wedding day over and over again for years to come. We have over 100 five-star ratings online and are fully insured!


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