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Finding A Wedding Officiant for Your Smoky Mountain Wedding

Finding A Wedding Officiant for Your Smoky Mountain Wedding In a classic wedding ceremony, there are three people front-and-center.  In the spotlight are the newlyweds, brides, and grooms through the centuries holding hands and breathlessly waiting to be wed. Just beyond them, facing the couple and the crowd is the officiant. This is the single...

Planning an Unforgettable Micro-Wedding in the Smokies

Planning an Unforgettable Micro-Wedding in the Smokies No matter what happens, people continue to fall in love and get married. The happy couple’s parents and besties will want to be there for the big day. But you don’t actually need to bring the whole town, extended blood relatives, and every past roommate. Big weddings were...

Rainy Day Wedding at The Magnolia Venue

Rainy Day Wedding at The Magnolia Venue The Great Smoky Mountain National Park is considered a temperate rainforest. Rainfall averages 55 inches per year in the lowlands of the Smokies. The shroud of “smoke” envelopes the Smokies isn’t smoke. It’s a mist of light rain. Therefore, when you come to the Smokies, be prepared for...

Things to Consider When Planning a Smoky Mountain Wedding

If you are planning a destination wedding, the Smoky Mountains can provide the perfect backdrop for your big day. The Smoky Mountains have become an increasingly popular wedding destination due to it’s intimate feel and beautiful scenery. Additionally, there is an abundance of entertainment and lodging options that guests can take advantage of close to...

The Importance of Hiring Professional Wedding Vendors

There is no denying that weddings cost a lot of money. The natural inclination for wedding couples is to cut corners or create DIY projects where they can. Sometimes, couples cut back on professional services. Sure, this may some the bride and groom some money. But as the old adage says, “You get what you...

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